Information provided on this website in intended to assist historians and collectors of Libbey glass. It is in no way a representation of Libbey Inc.

Purpose Statement
This website has been created to assist collectors of Libbey Glass, those who
have an interest in Libbey Glass, as well as preserve the phenomenal history of
the Company.
Site Evolution
For many years, several Libbey Glass enthusiasts have gathered catalogs,
newspaper clippings, advertisements, old Lib-Bits (the Company newsletter),
photos, books, and other articles related to Libbey History.
Your Contribution
Libbey Glass History
Thanks to Mary Luttrell, niece of Libbey History author Carl Fauster, and to
Frank Swanson for their continued contributions of catalogs, pictures, and oral

You can be a contributor to the site too! We extend an invitation to you to help
make this website complete. If you have catalogs, advertisements, work related
material, or anything you feel may be of interest to this site, please contact us at
The plans to develop a website began over four years ago. The initial concept is to
have Libbey's catalogs available electronically. Historic accounts of Libbey Glass
will then be added.

The site is under construction, and will be evolve continuously. Please check back
often. We hope that you enjoy your visit to the website!