1930 Catalog
Uncle Carl's first job at Libbey Glass was washing bottles for a glass container catalog at
the old Ash Street Plant in Toledo in 1935. When the old factory was torn down, anything
that no one knew what to do with, they sent to him. His consuming interest in the legacy
of the products of Libbey Glass developed and grew. After researching some of Edward
Drummond Libbey's diaries, Uncle Carl would visit the factories, talking with some of the
master cutters and engravers, and gathered first hand stories from the old glass cutters
and blowers. As part of Libbey's 150th anniversary celebration in 1968 he had a concept
for a book; the format would be a pictorial history of the people, places and events,
providing background history, and some 1,300 Libbey and New England Glass Company
items, illustrated and identified.  

When retiring in 1968 as Advertising Director of Libbey Glass, Uncle Carl was permitted
to keep the historic materials and began writing the text and picture captions.
GLASS - Since 1818
was published in 1979; an authoritative work from a devoted
historian who made his personal hobby of collecting glass a full time interest.

The book rewards the reader with a superb and definitive historical account of America's
foremost glass manufacturer.

Mary H. Luttrell
Mary H. Luttrell
Part II - Collector's Guide
Collector's Guide
1968 Toledo Museum Exhibition Cases
Individually Illustrated Section
Color Illustration Section, Figs. 1 thru 71

LIBBEY GLASS - Since 1818
Part I - Pictorial History
I - The First Half Century, 1818 - 1872
II - The Early Years of Libbey Leadership, 1872 - 1893
III - The Years of Cut Glass Supremacy, 1893 - 1918
IV - Depression Year Failures Bring Reunion of Libbey and Owens
V - Mid-Twentieth Century Expansion Years